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Benin / Cotonou / 6.6.2009 /  Meiyun Long is 34 years old and a Chinese entrepreneur. She arrived in Benin for the first time in 2002, and then returned again and again, running different types of businesses. Since 2004 she has stayed in the country. Meiyun is shown here in the restaurant that she currently runs. The Jasmin restaurant was set up all by herself in two months: you can see here that the African waiters are wearing traditional Chinese costumes, directly imported, just like everything else in the restaurant. Speaking about her migration, she says that “it’s hell in China. It’s not about a political thing, it’s about China—it’s really crowded and stressful, and brutally competitive. I can breathe here. It’s much more relaxing, and you can always find a solution to any problem.” (Jasmin Resturant, Cotonou, Benin. June 2009)<br />
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